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The Lovely Sin

My name is Sophie. I'm 22 years old and yeah, I know, I don't look my age. I'm short too so that doesn't help. (T~T)

I listen to mostly Metal, Rock and Classical music. But I'm also open to other genres. I love writing, reading, art, comics, and going to concerts and conventions. I'm a fan of anime/manga and American comics.

I'm also a cosplayer and I mainly cosplay male characters. My cosplay page is

I'm a proud geek. My blog is multi-fandom, cosplay and about the bands and the music I love.

Skype name: thelovelysin

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"It’s really hard to wake up Youngjae."


Bambam: Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally.

JB: Really hard! He drools the most and is the most difficult to wake up. He knows its time to wake up, but he goes "ok I got it, 10 more minutes" then wakes up and goes back to sleep.

Then 5 minutes later, "I’ll wake up, 3 more minutes." And exactly 3 minutes later, he’d still be sleeping. And I’d have to take his arm like this and say "Youngjae you have to get up." Even after he’s sitting up, he’s still be sleeping. So I’d have to hit him a few times, "Youngjae, hurry, wake up! We’re getting late." So it seems like the only way to wake up is by hitting him.

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you are my laptop

my only laptop

you make me happy

when the skies are grey

you’ll never know dear

how much i love you

so please dont take

the charger 



Oops, wrong floor.

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That awkward moment when you can’t draw a good face to match your eyes.


good weather during finals 




I love calling people nerds even though I’m the actual fucking nerd.

"I fuckin hate nerds" I whisper as i walk around a convention in full cosplay


My face when someone tells me sports animes are dumb.